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Polk County Hay List

The Polk County UW – Extension Office will maintain a hay list for individuals wishing to buy and/or sell hay. The list will be posted on this website. If you wish to buy or sell hay, contact the Polk County Extension Office at 715-486-8600 .  Be prepared to provide a description of the hay desired or hay to be sold (quality, quantity, type of bale, etc.). If you wish to have your information posted on this web site, please contact our office and leave your name, number, location, what you are in need of and if you can pick up hay or need it delivered we will keep your information on file for anyone who comes in and lets us know they have hay for sale.

Jessica Fredericks Schmidt has hay for sale: She has a lot of second crop square bales (about 400 bales) these are $6.00 per bale.  She can deliver these, preferabley by the trailer load, her trailer can fit 100 bales and delivery would cost $50. she can go over 30 miles for these to be delivered. All the hay is good for horses or cows.  Please call her at (715)371-0676 to make any arrangements or sale.

We have one gentleman that has 1000lb. round bales for sale.  He is asking $200 per ton or about $100 per bale.  He has 50 bales that are alfalfa/hay mix and 25 bales that are straight alfalfa.  He can transport if local.  His contact information: Arland Anderson, (715)483-1873 and he lives in the Dresser, WI area.

We have two individuals looking for hay:  Roxanne Urban, (715)825-5036 is looking for small square bales (about 40-60 lbs a pice).  She is need of about 500 bales but can only pay $4.00 – $6.00 per bale.  Not sure if she can pick up or needs delivery.  Contact her for more information.

The other buyer is Steve Schoepke, (414)303-8561.  He prefers round bales to feed a small herd of beef cattle and is looking for the bales to be a grass/legume mix.  His herd is located in Exeland, Sawyer County (county line of Sawyer and Rusk) Contact him for more information and for transport needs.


Round hay bale

~Updated April 10, 2014~

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