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Community Development

“Helping Communities Manage Challenges and Opportunities”

Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development,  also known as CNRED, protects our state’s resources and facilitates community/economic development in Polk County communities committed to positive change.

CNRED Programs provided include:

Community Economic Development Preparedness Index

The Community Economic Development Preparedness Index examines perceptions of activities and conditions in the community, over which individuals may or may not have some level of control.  The compiled responses provide a reflection of a community’s readiness to:

  • retain existing businesses and income
  • attract new businesses, residents, and income within the community
  • expand small businesses and income within the community.

As economic development strategies have become more sophisticated, the number of factors that contribute to a community’s level of preparedness has grown.  This means the process of completing a preparedness index as a site-based activity has become more tedious.  The new web-based tool allows for the collection of input from anyone in the community and the analysis of data prior to community action planning.


Bob Kazmierski, CNRED Agent
100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 190
Balsam Lake, WI 54810
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