eParenting® High-Tech Kids?

For Parents of 9-14 Year Old Kids

You know the appeal that technology holds for kids – cell phones, tablets, gaming, social media, and on and on! And no doubt, you’re aware of the negative impacts that technology can have on youth.  But what about the positive ways it can be used to support your child’s wellbeing?

We are excited to announce that Polk County UW-Extension will be bringing you eParenting® High-Tech Kids on our Polk County website.  Rather than focus on the negatives, eParenting® provides ideas on using digital media to stay close to your child and strengthen family relationships.

The goals of High-Tech Kids are to 1) help parents understand the role that digital media can play in supporting their adolescents’ growth and development; and 2) develop strategies using digital media that can enhance parenting skills.

Starting in January and through mid-May we will be posting weekly on the “Be an eParent” page, where you can read short practical positive tips on using digital media with your child.

To determine the benefits of eParenting, there will be a chance at the end of the semester in May to share your thoughts.

To learn more about eParenting, watch the video at:


Weekly postings can be found at Be an eParent page.

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