Silage season safety

Some potential hazards that you can be exposed to year round.

Silage Defacer – Involved in New York Death, 2005. (Photo from NIOSH-CDC)

MADISON — This post is intended to support a series of corn silage harvest-related podcasts that will be posted by colleague Liz Binversie of Brown County, UW-Extension.

It’s impossible to thoroughly cover all critical safety information in a short period of time.  Be sure to always seek out OTHER critical information and resources on harvest season and silage/silo related safety

  • Feedout actually happens through much of the rest of the year, so these are some potential hazards you can be exposed to year-round…
  • Dust & Farmer’s Lung
  • Generally, silage is not dusty, but when it is, it’s usually because of poor storage or initial harvest conditions. We are most concerned when dusty silage, haylage, or stored hay that has a lot of mold and mold spores.
  • Depending on a person’s health status, mold spores in these dusts can cause bad health effects. For some people, dust and mold spore exposure can cause an illness often referred to as farmer’s lung or one called silo-unloaders syndrome.  Farmer’s lung is especially a risk for people who have had allergies, asthma or other sensitivities.

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