Quality Meats

The 2016/2017 youth quality meats program please stay tuned.

This page will continuously be updated with information as it becomes available to us.

Section #1 – Sheep and Goats weigh-in

Section #2 – Paperwork

Section #3 –  2017 Dates

  • September 11, 2017 – 7:30pm Quality Meats Committee meeting – Polk County Government Center

Section #4 – Educational Activities  

Section #5 – Fair Updates

Section #6 – Other Resources

Animal Science Educational Opportunities

Section #7 – Swine Exhibitors

There will not be a spring  weigh-in for swine in Polk County in 2017.  Animals will still need to be self-identified. the self-identified process will be the same as last year.  Exhibitors will not have to order their own DNA kits.  Swine exhibitors will tag their animals themselves and take DNA samples and mail those samples into the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC).  Polk County Quality Meats Tag numbers MUST BE included with the samples submitted for DNA analysis.

Premier Swine Proficiency Contest

There are several resources available to help you study for the contest.  Just go to the Premier Swine Proficiency page for all your study materials.


Helpful links

UW Extension Youth Livestock  (Bernie O’Rourke’s page)

Cooperative Extension Animal Sciences – Meat

Polk County Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

Indianhead Sheep Breeders Website

Updated 08/24/2017

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