Got Teenager? E-Parenting can help

Ever have that feeling that no matter what you say or how you say it , you just cannot get through to your teenager?  We have several tips in the following links that can surely help you get through to them.

So how about trying to use a little technology to get through to them. Not sure how read on and then click to find out more specifics on making the new age work for you!

Hello wall. How is your day going?

Even if it doesn’t seem like your child is listening, it is important to clearly communicate expectations that are high, but realistic. Using technology may perk up their ears!


Why is spending time with your 9-14 year old like cleaning your bathroom?

Spending time with your 9-14 year old and cleaning the toilet both have immediate benefits! If you neglect to do either, unpleasant situations can result. And if you do both on a regular basis, the results are obvious!


Are You a Digital Junkie?

Check all that apply: a) you sleep with your cell phone within reach, b) you own more than one digital device for email or live chats, c) you spend as much money on digital media expenses as you spend on food.

The more we as parents bring digital media into our lives, the more our children see our escalating use. This makes it ever more important to model healthy and balanced use of technology in our lives because children and teens are excellent imitators of adult behaviors.


Can You Really Be Your Teen’s Teacher?

Say WHAT?! Find the value of “a” so that the circles with equations (x-a)^2 + y^2 = 2 and (x+a)^2 + y^2 = 2 intersect at points where their tangents are perpendicular.

You might not be able to actually help your teenager do some of their homework anymore, but you can provide support. Here are a few things you can do. First, agree on a time and place for homework. Help your student get organized with a place to study that is quiet with space to work. Help organize your teen’s schedule since middle school assignments often need to be managed over days or weeks.

Consider yourself one of your child’s teachers. While you may not be able to offer assistance with a math equation, you can provide encouragement, praise their hard work and help them think of specific questions to ask the teacher to get assistance.


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