Polk County HCE

HCE Scholarship Form writable (pdf)

Polk County HCE is divided into five districts and each district has at least three individual clubs. Each district has a representative on the board and eight program chairmen along with four officers who complete the board.

Position Name Location Email Address
President Carol Medchill Cushing, WI medchill@lakeland.ws
Vice President Bonnie Timm  Amery, WI bonnietimm257@Hotmail.com
Secretary Joan Talmage Amery, WI talmage@amerytel.net
Treasurer Kate Kellerman Luck, WI kellkate@lakeland.ws
Advisor Gail Peavey Balsam Lake, WI gail.peavey@ces.uwex.edu
Ext. Office Secretary Colleen Noonan Balsam Lake, WI colleen.noonan@ces.uwex.edu
Ed Program Coordinator Loretta Kallevig Balsam Lake, WI  No email
Ed Comm. Outreach RaeLynn Neumann Frederic, WI Rae43@centurytel.net
International Coordinator  Jan Oeffler  Frederic, WI jan.oeffler@yahoo.com
Cultural/Textile Arts Bev Cree Amery, WI bcree@amerytel.net
Membership/Marketing Diane Alexander Balsam Lake, WI   No email
Historian Gloria Larsen Centuria, WI   No email
Wisconsin Bookworms™  Carol Medchill Cushing, WI medchill@lakeland.ws

HCE Meetings are open to any member to attend and contribute; however, only board members may vote on issues. The county board members meet monthly at the Polk County Government Center in Balsam Lake the third Monday of each month. The Polk County Family Living Agent, the advisor, attends the board meetings.

Some of the county activities that all clubs can take part in are:

  • (Services of Love Project) – CRA, Northwoods, Serenity House .
  • Wisconsin Bookworms – Providing early literacy programming for Wisconsin children. Wisconsin Bookworms in Polk County serves 100 Head Start children. Two volunteer readers dedicate time from their schedules to share their love of reading to Polk County’s children. In addition, Polk County’s WAHCE organization raises funds to purchase the book sets each child received.

If you would like to join a HCE club or start your own club in your area, please contact one of the following chairmen or the Polk County Extension Office at the Government Center at 715-485-8600.

Central Center 
Diane Alexander 
 Bev Cree 
Balsam Lake, WI
Amery, WI
Southwest Center Kristy Sand Amery kcants@hotmail.com
Southeast Center Gloria Bauer Amery lbauer@amerytel.net
Carol Van Heuklom Amery cnsvan@amerytel.net
Northeast Center Rae Lynn Neumann Frederic Rae43@centurytel.net
Betty Doty Balsam Lake no email
Northwest Center Brenda Strilzuk Balsam Lake no email
Jill Katelhut Milltown no email

2014 WI HCE Cultural Arts Guidelines (pdf)


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