Are you parent of a pre-teen or are you a teen parent?

The University of Wisconsin – Extension and Cooperative Extension have developed a new website and program to help parents of tweens and teenage parents.  This website has online parenting tools for parents of tweens and teenage parents.  The sight is called “Parenthetical” .  This is a free site and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The website features weekly posts about parenting hot topics that are meant to start conversations among users on the site.  Many parents can benefit from sharing strategies and are given an opportunity to process their feelings and information.

The Parenthetical website combines the functions of a blog, an informational website and a social network all in one.

A team of family educators from UW-Madison/UW-Extension will facilitate the site.

For more information or to join the online parenting community visit “Parenthetical” .

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