2014 Polk County Platbook

2014 Platbook    2014 PLATBOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

The 2014 Polk County Platbooks are now available. They can be purchased at the Polk County Government Center in the County’s Clerk’s Office (first floor) or the UW Extension Office (first floor).

The numerous colored ads from businesses across the county have enabled the 4-H Leaders Federation to stabilize the price while improving  the platbook.  The price of the platbook remains the same ($30) but the content and quality is greatly enhanced. In addition to aerial photos of each section, the new platbook has a soil map of the county and a 4-H club map illustrating locations of each 4-H club. This is the Eighth (8th) edition of the Polk County Plat Book.

Platbooks are available from:

  • 4-H Clubs in Polk County
  • Amery Free Press, Amery
  • Inter-County Publishing, Frederic
  • Mailed via post office for an additional charge of $7.
  • To have plat book mailed please send $37.00 payable to: 4H Leaders Federation and mail to:  Polk County UW Extension/Plat Book, 100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 190, Balsam Lake, WI, 54810

 We do not have the ability to take credit cards, cash or check only!  If paying by cash please try and have exact amount as we do not have the ability to make change.

Updated 01/28/2016

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